The Goose es La Gruta

Misterio resuelto. Mi asistente investigativo honorario @betobasura llamó mi atención a una conversación en SOCNET, The Special Operations Community Network, donde la comunidad de veteranos de las fuerzas armadas norteamericanas reseñan sitios que un turista no debe perderse en Panamá. Entre ellos…

Gruta Azul («The Goose») – The area out towards Rio Abajo has been relatively unaffected by the changes in Panama so its still going strong with the same nasty carpet. Wouldnt be surprised to learn that there are second and/or third generations workers in there.

Ergo, “The Goose” parece ser un simple seudónimo (o eufemismo) gringo para La Gruta Azul. ¡Aplausos!

Por andar embebido guguleando «blue grotto»+panama olvidé completamente gugulear «blue goose»+panama. Oh, las cosas que uno encuentra, desde diarios de viaje:

He told us his home district and asked if we had ever heard of the “Blue Goose.” I told him we had not. He stated that it was a house of ill repute where one could buy ladies, and that he lived nearby. […] I asked him if he could give us directions to the Abajo District and that if he had heard of the “Blue Goose.” He corrected me by telling me it was the “Gruta Azul”—Spanish for Blue Goose—and that it was not a safe place nor was the Abajo District a place we should visit.

hasta poesía vanguardista:

Best whorehouse in all of Panama maybe in the whole damn world the taxi driver is assuring us as he mops the sweat from the chocolate-colored skin of his neck […] & then we’re pulling into the huge parking lot of the Blue Goose which looks like a big blue airplane hangar & we pay the driver & step inside & it’s bigger than an Oktoberfest tent & all decked out with bamboo walls & a thatched palm roof & fishing nets suspended from the rafters full of conch shells & dried starfish & glass fishing floats & sitting along the bar are several women of uncommon & mind-boggling beauty & me & Watkins & J.J. sit down at a table & are soon joined by three women one of which is without a doubt one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen & drinks are bought & jokes are cracked & the afternoon slides comfortably into a boozy evening […] & when Gloria invites me back to her room under the pretense of showing me some pictures in her photo album I […] agree to go anyway curious to see what one of these rooms is actually like & much to my surprise they’re nowhere as grim as I had been expecting & actually sort of kitschy & cozy & not exactly uninviting & Gloria’s is full of stuffed animals & colored lights & shag rugs & pillows & a lava lamp next to the king-size water bed […] & that maybe that taxi driver was actually right maybe this is the best whorehouse in all of Panama maybe in the whole damn world.

Ya saben, para que lo agreguen a su argot de ex-pat o de entendido.

De ñapa les dejo el trailer de The Japanese Sandman, un corto que dramatiza esa primera carta del yagé de Burroughs en Panamá. ¿Estará el corto completo en Cuevana?

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