Feliz Mes de la Patria

La verdad yo nunca fui muy fan de Architectural Digest, que siempre me pareció una revista para doñas, pero siento que estoy cambiando de opinión. Digo, ahora hacen listicles y todo. Redoble de tambores, por favor:

Designing anything, let alone a massive building, is not a simple task. It requires pragmatic decision-making coupled with bold creativity. As with any form of art, the designer ultimately strives to make something striking and original. Sometimes this effort pays off in the form of a lasting structure—a work that transcends time and place. While other times, well, not so much. […] But, alas, architecture, like all creative endeavors, is a cruel venture. As such, AD rounds up the 31 ugliest skyscrapers from around the world, ones that began with high intentions but eventually didn’t quite meet the mark.

Y adivinen quiénes estamos de número uno en la lista?

Located in Panama City, Panama and reaching a height of nearly 800 feet, the F&F Tower was completed in 2011. Designed by the Panama City-based firm Pinzón Lozano & Asociados, the spiraling structure (which is made of glass and reinforced concrete) is a bold attempt at modern architecture, but one that missed the mark.

¡Número uno! ¡Campeones mundiales! ¡Llamen a la ATP y a la SPIA!

Yo no voy a hacer ningún comentario, pero ¿qué tal con estos Architectural Digests que tampoco hacen comentarios? Click bait! Estoy a punto de mandarles mi currículum.

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