And then there were two

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Buenas noticias para los que no alcanzaron a comprarse su lotecito en la primera Ocean Reef Island. Dice Dredging Today (The industry’s ground-breaking news provider):

Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V. (Boskalis) has been awarded a contract from Compañía Insular Americana, S.A. to construct a second artificial island off the coast of Punta Pacifica in Panama City.

This project follows the successful construction of the first island by Boskalis, which was handed over to the client in early 2013. With a contract value of more than €55 million the project is scheduled to commence in the course of the second half of 2015 and is expected to last for two years.

The project involves constructing the second artificial island in the Pacific Ocean off the densely populated shoreline of Panama City. Nine hectares of land will be created by using approximately 600,000 cubic meters of rock to form a perimeter and filling it with 1.3 million cubic meters of sand. A bridge will be built to connect the second island to the first island.

The client Compañía Insular Americana, S.A. is an affiliated company of Ocean Reef Island Inc. for which Boskalis constructed the first artificial island.


This land reclamation project is driven by the necessity to create land to accommodate population growth in a densely populated region.

B-dum, tish. Añade IHS Maritime:

Speaking to IHS Maritime, a Boskalis spokesman said the company did not expect any new challenges building this island over the first.

«Based on our experience with construction of the first island, we further optimised our work methods and equipment for this project,» he said. «Except for any unpredictable weather influences, we do not expect any specific challenges.»

The rock needed to build the island perimeter «will be sourced from the client’s quarry in Panama,» he continued. «We will use our own sand concession in Panama for the 1.3 million m³ of sand required.»

Finalmente, comenta la siempre precognisciente Santa Biblia (Génesis 1: 9-10):

Dios dijo: «Que se reúnan en un solo lugar las aguas que están bajo el cielo, y que aparezca el suelo firme». Y así sucedió.

Dios llamó Tierra al suelo firme y Mar al conjunto de las aguas. Y Dios vio que esto era bueno.

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